We at Period Productions specialize in providing your group or classroom with a hands-on learning experience that participants will take with them for a lifetime!


Arms & Armor Through The Ages

A Knight and his squire will provide a hands-on program covering medieval life, knighthood, and arms & armor from the cave man to the fully armored knight. This program provides many opportunities for hands-on interaction between participants and the knight. (This program is also available virtually)

By The Sword — Famous Bouts, Knighthood, & Chivalry

A Knight and his swashbuckling friend provide a program that covers famous sword fights from literature and history. They also present what it meant to be a Knight living by the Code of Chivalry.

Life and Times of A Pirate

A Captain and his sailor provide an interactive program detailing what it was like to live life as a pirate including the ups & downs, the in & outs, and the lives & deaths of some of the most famous pirates in history.

American West

Characters of the old west come alive as they provide a hands-on program covering the history of the American West, including the Wild Frontier and the Early Pioneers.

Trebuchet/Catapult Launch (Special pricing & space/site requirements apply, see below)

An interactive program covering the types of medieval siege engines (catapult, balista, trebuchet, etc.) and their effectiveness in battle. The program also includes the launching of our 16′ tall Trebuchet. At the end of the program our master engineer and his team launch an assortment of items such as fruit & vegetables up to 80′ in air and 100 yards down range to demonstrate the awesome power behind these medieval machines.


Should you find that none of the programs above fit your particular needs, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to work with you and create a unique program for your event.

Educational Program Pricing

Educational Program – $400 per program*

INCLUDES: 2 performers for educational program & interaction, as chosen from list above.

LENGTH: Approx. 1 Hour per presentation, 30-45 minutes of program and 15-20 minutes for Q & A

Virtual (Arms & Armor) Educational Program Р$300 per program   

INCLUDES: 1 performer for hosting a 100% virtual program. 35 minute prerecorded educational program, and a live question & answer after video program

LENGTH: Approx. 45 -50 min presentation, 30 minutes video program and 15-20 minutes for Q & A


Trebuchet/Catapult Launch Program – $700 for initial program*

$150 for each demonstration there after (SAME DAY, SAME LOCATION)

INCLUDES: 3 to 4 performers educational program & launching of trebuchet

LENGTH: Approx. 45 minutes per presentation

15 minutes for education about the trebuchet and other medieval siege weapons
15 minutes for launching
15 minutes for questions and answers

(Due to safety limitations and set-up time of the trebuchet additional restrictions and charges may apply.)

* An additional $100 travel fee may be applicable for any programs outside of NJ